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Nirmal Chhaya Nature Resort

A Vision and Dream of Mr. Satyendra Pathak

Mr. Satyendra Pathak of Katni, Madhya Pradesh is a passionate lover of nature, especially the forest. For the last 24 years, he has been ceaselessly and tirelessly working for the reservation of forest with all their flora and fauna. He considers these 24 years as the most fruitful years of his life because of an invaluable knowledge he has gained about the Ayurvedic value of the plants, trees, climbers, herbs, shrubs, grasses, bamboos, epiphytes and parasites he has personally located and identified in the forests of the Maikal mountain rages. In fact, these rages are known to be second only to the Himalaya in so far as the wealth of vegetation having such medical properties is concerned. This gave birth to his abiding conviction that these gifts of nature must be saved, as indeed must the wildlife be. Jungles must be saved, whatever the cost.

However, he realized that he could not do much without the participation of the local people. Most of them have lost their traditional knowledge of the herbs. Some of the old tribal folk of Biruhali and nearby villages periodically took few herbs they knew to the market and sold them literally for a pittance. Mr. Pathak immediately saw how he could seek their participation in saving the jungles. He started enlightening them of the actual worth of what they were selling for such paltry sums of money when they could get ten of times more money for same things. This new knowledge thus provided them the reason why they must protect the forest. This changes their lives for ever.

Inspired by this achievement, Mr. Pathak realized that if he could induce the undying love of nature into a large number of local people, he would have achieved a dream of his lifetime. Thus was born Nirmal Chhaya Nature Resort, a resort that breathes the very sprit of one man's dream and vision.